Hungry, Foolish, Crazy One

October 24, 2011 at 9:40pm

validates_creation_of :code_academy

One major reason I went to Code Academy is because of the people. Coming from the Philippines, my only idea of what Code Academy was going to be like was through its website. It helped reassure me that I was making the right decision. I must have watched the videos on the website over and over again. I knew that there really was something here.

And true enough, coming to Code Academy has been a blast. The support that we’ve been getting is crazy. We’ve got mentors coming in to share us their experiences as developers, and developers joining in our Campfire chatroom sessions to help us out. It’s been really awesome. Plus seeing how dedicated Jeff, Neal and Mike have been as been truly inspirational. They really get where we’re coming from. It really shows that they’ve built Code Academy on the insight that “it shouldn’t be this hard to learn how to code.” And I really appreciate that.

Like I said, it’s about the people and their stories. I look up to the hardcore developers who started learning how to code from the beginning even up to their degrees in College. But my favorite stories are the ones who made a huge career shift from something so unrelated and started learning how to code, even without a computer science degree. I guess it’s because they’re the ones I can really relate to. It helps reassure me that I still have time and I can be great at it. 

I’m still learning a lot about myself now that I’ve flown all the way from the Philippines. I’m trying to understand more about this career and it’s pros and cons. I’m still understanding what direction what I want to take eventually. But I’m sure that having this skill is something I enjoy and that it can open opportunities and possibilities for me. 

So here’s to week 4 with Code Academy.